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Re: [APD] Re: killing weeds

>"I thought now would be a good time to start a thread on this subject.
>How does everyone else dispose of their weeds? clippings?
>and dirty duckweed containing water?
>so as to keep it from getting into the environment?
>what are the best and easiest ways to do this?
>-derek parr"
>Do not release any water, plants or animals from an aquarium into a street,
storm drains, streams, bay, lagoon, or the ocean. Only dump aquarium water
into a sink or toilet(wastewater goes to septic or a water treatment plant
with chlorine). If you have large plant fragments, dry them out or freeze
them for 24 hours, and then bag them for trash removal. Caulerpa can be
removed from tanks, with all material it's attached to (rocks, gravel,
etc.), placed in a freezer for 24 hours, and then placed in the trash for
disposal in a landfill. 
>I typically dry the weeds out, and then dispose of them. Burial is good if
12-18" deep or composted. 
>Tossing wet plant material into the gargbage and it ends up in some
landfill alive and fragments end up in pools from a recent rain and all the
birds transfer the weeds from the landfills to nearby ponds.
>We've recently treated several ponds next to landfills for Hydrilla.
>The pond has a fence around it etc, all it tales is small fragment.

Another great use for hydrogen peroxide!

Five minutes in 3% peroxide and they're dead, Jim.

(the last 4.5 minutes are overkill, but...)


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