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[APD] Re: Plant Disposal

Derek Parr writes:
>I thought now would be a good time to start a thread on this subject.
>How does everyone else dispose of their weeds? clippings?
>	and dirty duckweed containing water?
>so as to keep it from getting into the environment?
>what are the best and easiest ways to do this?

This question illustrates why more people should grow edible plants in their
tanks. Ceratopteris pteridoides represents my most prolific weed. If you cut
off the leaves and toss them in a nice oil and balsamic vinegar dressing,
your digestive system can completely kill the plants. The roots can then go
down the garbage disposal, where the chlorine at the water reclamation plant
will kill them.

For other plants, while it's only feasible in winter, laying the cuttings on
top of a wood fire in the fireplace seems to work pretty effectively.

- Jim

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