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[APD] invasive plants

Not that simple. Not so long ago here a study was done on the spread of iris psuedacorus in a protected area here in NH. It turned into a witch hunt where our 2 native wetland irises were pulled and destroyed because the so called experts couldn't tell the difference or didn't care. Unfortunately you can't regulate stupidity on either side of the fence. People need to know what they have and are growing in a garden or in an aquarium. Few truly bother.
Even when a registered iris judge and expert showed them the difference still the natives were destroyed.
Some places it's best to keep your mouth shut.

Sue in frozen NH

What can you do?
Simply alert your local county Agriculture commissioner's office when you find a suspected aquatic weed. It is really that easy! They will thank you! Dispose of aquatic pond and aquarium plants properly. Spread the word.not the weeds.

Tom Barr

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