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Re: [APD] Re: Red Eye, Black Eye, Custard Pies

Add some plastiv fish hanging from a mobile hung into the
tank, skip the water, occassional dusting and, voila, it's
the 70s again. ;-)  sh
--- jlw at dune_net wrote:
> Marine plants?  Corals?  No way! 
> You want true beauty in your planted tank?
> Go plastic... 
> They've got these really kewl blue ones, and neon green
> ones that glow in the
> dark!  
> No lighting problems, no worries about nutrients, you can
> dump all the algacide
> in the world you want in there, and the fish don't eat
> 'em!  Plus, you plant it,
> it looks good, and it stays good, no problems with the
> Princess Pines wilting,
> the Aluminium Plant turning brown, or the Red Sandy
> making the tank stink.  

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