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Re: [APD] Re: Red Eye, Take 2

>The one item of contention that really struck me was the notion that a
>photograph is a representation of reality.  This concept was discarded
>by the art community decades ago.  Really, this hasn't been part of the
>discussion since before I was born, and I'm not that young.  Now if you
>are using the photograph to document an aquascape, I can understand
>wanting to put limits on the manipulation.  But even with those limits,
>believing that a photograph is a truthful representation of reality is

Moreso, despite any effort to tweak a photo so it looks the same
to you on your monitor as it does when you look at the tank
in real life, unless your monitor is calibrated and
eevrybody else monitor is calibrated, no two images
will look the same. Some will be darker, some will be
lighter. Colors will be different, sometimes subtly
sometimes not.


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