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>>>Hygrophilia (where it's legal) comes in pink
>>>and a weird orange brown - the "Ceylon" version.

>>Wait, which reason is it illegal? 

>The USDA has classified it as a noxious weed.

It also is clear, it says H ploysperma, this also includes Tropic sunset, a variety of H polysperma.
We have been telling vendors and wholesalers, pet shops not to carry it in CA. 
Merely a "variety" does not exclude it from the ban here.

Be an environmentalist, public help is needed (and it is easy!) to protect aquatic environments. People are trying to stop invasive weeds from coming here include forest rangers, nursery growers, farmers, water managers, ranchers and conservationist that work for the city, the county, state and federal government as well as private industry. Everyone wins by helping. The public often has little idea how destructive aquatic weeds are. Seeing an infestation and thinking about what it does to the ecosystem is one of the best ways to see the problem.       

Biopollution does not go away over time. Invasive species are persistent and grow exponentially. Aquatic weeds are some of the fastest growing plants in the world. They kill or displace fish, animals and native plants, effectively destroying the native aquatic ecosystem. Over time, they do far more damage than many chemical spills! Many of these invading aquatic species provide excellent habitat for other invaders such as the West Nile virus. A special emphasis is placed on early detection of infestations and prevention of new infestations. Educated citizens who can report these new, small infestations will make a major difference in the national effort to control the spread of invasive weeds. It is much easier, less costly and less damage environmentally to treat 10 square feet of a weed problem than 100 square miles. 
What can you do?
Simply alert your local county Agriculture commissioner?s office when you find a suspected aquatic weed. It is really that easy! They will thank you!  Dispose of aquatic pond and aquarium plants properly. Spread the word?not the weeds.

Tom Barr

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