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[APD] Re: Red Eye, Take 2

Another recent exchange between list members:

Folks judge based on only the photo, I'm not too keen on
that personally.
It does not tell you very much.

In the AGA contest, I thought I have heard judges say that they take into account whether a tank is maintainable for the long term and whether it looks like it was "just planted" for the picture but is not a practical or viable long term aquascape. -----------

Several of the judges DID make that comment, and it may have affected their individual decisions, but long term set-up and viability was NOT one of the "rules".

But I've seen some in the past that are certainly touched
up and colors
added. Some were film, some digital.
I'm not saying who and that's not the point, but there
are certainly some.
Any tank should look better than a photo in person,

The images were all sent to Eric for scanning - I didn't see them until the Showcase results were announced. Eric is pretty savy and if he thought that any image was computer enhanced or "doctored", he would have let both the entrant and me know about it. That didn't happen.

but a
photo does not
show everything either..........I do not like to judge
any tank without
seeing in person. and even then I have reservations.
I'd rather see the tank's success over several weeks,
years etc.

But, probably not practical though for an international aquscaping contest. But the broader point applies to what individuals might hold as personal goals. Some aquascape for the short term image, then whenthat's done, tear down and make another. That's what they like to do. Others are happy with plants and fish thriving, for the long term, and don't much care about the aquascape end of things. -----------

Excuse me Tom, but take a pill.

We had endless arguments during the planning stages of the first Showcase/Contest over the "International" issue (and I blew up several times at people who failed to acknowledge the fact that the APD and the AGA cater to an international audience). Never forget that I, as the leader of the committee which did the planning am a CANADIAN, eh? I love and respect my American friends and neighbours, but I we ARE two separate countries.

Some suggested that we ought to hold "regional" showcases in major U.S. cities - that idea was nixed because it did not firt in with my initial vision of hobbyists from all over the world sharing their aquascapes to one another in pictures. I couldn't easily travel to India, or Europe to "inspect" the tanks first hand.

The ADA Contest doesn't go out to "eyeball" entries either, and they have a much bigger budget than we had to work with.

Loosen up, relax and just enjoy the ride...

James Purchase

** Someone who doesn't, and never will, charge $$$ for aquarium advice. **

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