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So, for the first time in 17 years of keeping fish, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a total nitrate test kit. My LFS had it on sale with all the other saltwater kits and this one falls into both categories. Anyhow, I tested my tank and lo and behold... it's in the top end of the chart which jumps from 80 to 160ppm. My reading was somewhere in between those two indistinguishable colours. In my estimate... TOO F@|<$NG HIGH. Testing the tap water to see if the N03 test was sane, I got a reading somewhere in the neighbourhood of 0ppm.

After a %50 water change and giving it a bit of time to mix in, the reading is down to somewhere around 25ppm. The thing of it is, with plants are we concerned mostly with total nitrates or nitrate-nitrogen? If that is the case, the test kit states that a dividing by 4.4 gives the later.

- Chris.

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