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Re: [APD] RE: getting the red out

Tom Said: 

I can induce red color but I do not like it over the long term in higher
light tanks as it impacts plant health, at lowewr light and in non CO2
tanks, this is less an issue since uptake of N is slower while still
meeting the plant health's demands.

I reply:

This is a fairly reasonable explaination why the "red" plants I've
always purchased grow well, but dont keep their "red" color as
strongly as it is in the store. Not that my LFS doesn't care for the
plants, but I certainly care for them better, providing far more light
and ferts... I always assumed I was doing something wrong when they
lost the redness, I suppose now that I wasn't.

Tom: are there any (common) plants which will easily keep the red
color under 2.75 w/gal (no CO2)?

David Noal
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