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[APD] Current Aponogeton species

Someone asked

1) Who has the list of current valid Aponogeton species?

Barre Hellquist of Massachusetts USA and Surrey Jacobs of Sydney Aust.
Revised the Australian Aponogeton family describing six new species in
December 1998.

Their work was published in the Journal of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney,
"Telopea" Volume 8(1), December 1998.

The current list of Australian Aponogetons from that paper are;

Aponogeton proliferus   (Qld)
Aponogeton distachyos (introduced and naturalised in southern states)
Aponogeton hexatepalus   ( south in WA)
Aponogeton lancesmithii (Qld)
Aponogeton bullosus   (Qld)
Aponogeton queenslandicus  (NT & Qld)
Aponogeton kimberleyensis (North in WA)
Aponogeton euryspermus (WA & NT)
Aponogeton vanbruggenii (NT & Qld)
Aponogeton elongatus  (NSW & Qld)

If there is a list somewhere then this lot need to be on it.   Who keeps the


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