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Re: [APD] Aponogeton ulvaceous

At 08:34 PM 3/5/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>For plants that need a dormancy period, what is the preferred method?
>Leave them in the tank? Remove and keep in a cool moist container? I
>have an Aponogeton plant that after thriving for a long time, it
>droped it's leaves. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Although it's heretic I've been told there is no such thing
as a dormancy period, that just indicates the plant ran out
of nutrients. I used to stick a planttab under the roots when
mine slowed down and sure enough they pick right up. From time
to time in the literature I see this mentioned, the most recent
was when I was giong through some back issues of the Dupla
magaine _Aquarium Today_.

My Aponongetons vanish and reappear at regular intervals. I leave them in the substrate. The exception is the Madagascar lace plants in direct sun & laterite gravel who have not dropped their leaves for over a year.


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