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I have BGA growing profusely in a planted fry grow-out tank.  The fish grow
well but the plants do not; their main purpose in life seems to be to
provide a surface for the BGA to grow.

I like this tank because I don't have to worry about the BGA.   It is kind
of pretty if you like bluish-tinted plants, and the BGA produces a lot of
oxygen.  The fish graze on it.

It (and the massive growth of duckweed that I do have to
harvest every now and then) also consume nutrients.  There are about 40 half
inch fry in this 10 gallon tank, and today I found the nitrates to be about
1 ppm, if that.  Just for the heck of it I added some KNO3 to get the
nitrates up to the mid-teens, and removed some of the BGA, just to see what
would happen.  Phosphates are OK.

A similar tank immediately adjacent to that one also has  very low nitrates
but no BGA at all, that I can see.  It has a other kinds of algae, though.
I'm sure that water from the infested tank has got into the other one, but
the BGA hasn't taken root there, as it were.

I get KNO3 from a local farm and building supply store.  I pay about .$90 a
pound with no questions asked.  The owner suggested that I not order a
truckload, though.


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