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[APD] KNO3 availability

Hi all,

Here in Belgium we can get KNO3 at pharamacy. I have never seen any nitrate
as stump remover. I think it is environmentally not allowed.
At the pharmacy they ask what you do with it as it can be used to make old
fashioned bombs or gunpowder. ( the "O3" part delivers the oxygen for the
explosion. ) I believe they need to register its' use. There goes the cheap
KNO3,  I pay about 6 us dollar fo 125 gram ( that 's a quarter pound)
because it is med grade. On top of that the pharmacist gives me the evil
nation look untill I tell him its used as plantfood. (just a joke, OK guys)
Does anybody know a stump remover brand in Europe or other ways to get to
KNO3 ?


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