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Re: [APD] algae

Do you know what fish this was? If it was Gyrinocheilus
Aymonieri ( see, for example,
http://www.azgardens.com/algae_eating_fish.php )
then a small caveat is in order.

These fish can be helpful with algae when young; less so
when older when they seem to favor feeding off the slime
coat on other fish. Contraindicated for example, for a
discus tank. They've been known to become aggressive with
age. However, there are reported cases where they leave
certain other fish alone.

--- Scott Scheibe <dsscheibe at earthlink_net> wrote:
>     I got what my local pet store calls golden algae
> eaters, I put one in 
> each of the bigger tanks.  They really cleaned up the
> algae in my 
> tanks.  Which the small pleco and the snails were not
> doing..

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