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Re: [APD] Re: BGA sources

>Spores are airborn. 

I dunno Tom, other than some this xmas from petshop water according to
my notes the last time I had BGA was 1988. This could be beacuse I'm
such a swell aquarist (hah!) or because the statistical probability of
a spore making it out of somebodys house or a petshop all the way into
my house and into a tigtly covered (think killifish jump jump jump) tank
is near zero.

I've never seen it in any river or swamp around here (lots of
spirigyra though ad I don't have that either).

And I'm not sure the blue light thing is nonsense but I doubt it's
meaningful by at most a single digit percent (if that much). None the
less I switched to grolux tonight mostly because I'd like talled crypts.


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