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[APD] Re: BGA sources

>>But it raises the question. Where did the BGA come from?. Where did it 
get it's foothold on my tank in the first place? Is it a common dormant 
free floating bacterium that springs to life in the right environment? 
Is my aquarium really separeate from the rest of the environment?

- Chris.>>

Spores are airborn. Many folks get it again after treatment with EM.
If you do not address the root cause, you will have some algae issues, but the next time a pill popper will not do it for some other type of algae, you'll have to use another method.

This is a dead end approach and always will be. 

If you get rid of one algae and don't correct the plant health issue, you'll simply get another algae.
Same with the whole light Kelvin temp algae prefers "blue light" baloney.

The issue is the plant, not the algae.
Getting rid of BGA is easy and fast and keeping it away is also easy, add KNO3.

Tom Barr

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