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Re: [APD] BGA --

S. Hieber wrote:

antibiotics is Laurie Garrett's _The Coming Plague_
(Penguin, 1994).

Hey, I have that, but never got past the chapter titled "Machupo". It did leave an impression on me, as I named my linux box after it for several years to come. It's funny that I keep that book amongst all the fictional horror, and not with the rest of the non-fiction I have. Not to say that it's fictional but rather that it's goddman scarry.

100% elination of a bacterium in agiven host. In many
cases, the resistance can develop in one bacterium and be
transferred to another. I think that's actually a bigger

It's us and them and there are many more of them than us.

At one extreme, is the view that antibiotics should almost
never be used except when prescribed by a doctor

This unfortunately isn't a gurantee that the correct course of action is being taken. As Wright was pointing out, an MD in his area was perscribing an antibiotic like it was candy. There are doctors like these in every community but are hopefully dying out. The only explination for this doc I can think of is that perhaps he is older and became a doctor in the 50's when antibiotics were in fact a miracle cure. The most famous antibiotic penicillin is hardly perscribed for anything anymore, but when it was introduced it's been said that it was recovered from urine (and extracted you sick pupppies) sevral times before being rendered ineffective.


I think fish caught in the wild or raised on large
commercial "farms" are routinely treated with an antibiotic
or two as a prophylaxis. What happens in our aquaria is
only the second, third or fourth treatment. And then
there's treatments given in some lfss.

That is one thing I definitly do not like. The routine use of antibiotics to improve profitability. Antibiotics given to all the animal products in the off chance that some of them have infections. Blanket dosing is just the cheapest way to improve the overall harvest. This practice which plays into to the mindset of capatilism as a fault, the blind mad dash for the almighty $

That all being said, I weighed these options when I had BGA in my tank. I liked to think that I was an informed individual and decided to go with Erythromycin. It was effective. I continued to dose long after the BGA was visably gone. The fact that I could have been causing something _else_ to gain resistance was overlooked. However, I felt that my aqarium was a closed system and so regardless the rest of the world should be safe from IT.

But it raises the question. Where did the BGA come from?. Where did it get it's foothold on my tank in the first place? Is it a common dormant free floating bacterium that springs to life in the right environment? Is my aquarium really separeate from the rest of the environment?

- Chris.

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