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RE: [APD] Ideal Lights

Save yourself some money and don't buy those over-priced pet store
bulbs.  Many of the same bulbs are available from Home Depot or other
hardware stores, they just haven't been repackaged for the aquarium
trade.  Go buy some Sunshine bulbs from Home Depot.  

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> Hi everyone-
> first-my setup. I have 4 29 gallon planted tanks with 2 
> lights on each, 20 watt, I think they are 36 inch? Anyway I'm 
> currently using Vitalight full spectrums and Coralife 50/50s, 
> although I suspect the Coralife aren't the best choice.
> I'm going to be at That Fish Place in person in about a week 
> and want to stock up on some bulbs.
> If you had this setup, 29 gallons with 2 light strips, what 2 
> bulbs do you think would be the best choice for optimum plant growth?
> Gerry Skau
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