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Re: [APD] Re: BGA Advice

>Richard, what impact does the recommended dosage have on the fish?!  That
sounds like a lot of peroxide.  Thanks for your help.  This BGA is driving
us nuts!

Diter Untergasser says (in the context of rapidly getting more 02
to a sick fish) that 25 (twenty five) cc per 100 (one hundred)
liters is the maximum dose not tobe repeated for 24 hours. He
lists a reference ("Krause 1985") but there's no bibliuography
in the stupid book so it's hard to chase that down.

But he says this is safe, but the maximum limit.

The US FIsh and Wildlife sevice says 250-500 ppm mac for
fish and 500-1000 ppmmax for plants.


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