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Re: [APD] Re: BGA Advice

>OK...I realize this might not be the appropriate forum to ask this, but I'm
going to anyhow with the caveat that yes, I do have planted, low-tech tanks.
However, hubby has a totally unplanted cichlid tank that is gorgeous; the
only ornamentation is beautiful rocks and more beautiful rocks.  At least it
was gorgeous until the BGA took over.  I've tried taking one stone out and
giving it a 2-day hydrogen peroxide soaking (sorry, I don't speak
chemistry), rinsing and returning it to the tank.  ZERO impact.  We're
willing to try the blackout; we're willing to try the erythromycin route.
BUT, from what I've been reading in the past day or so, it will probably
come back.

It's an infection and must be treated as such. It can't come back
if it's all dead and all equopment has been sterilized and all
incoming material is quarentined.

A blackout maywork if it's long enough, but obviously plants
will not out-compete it in that tank.

Erythomyacin will work but it breaks down into messy junk,
turns the water odd colors IME and current thinking is
you should under no circumstances capricously use antibiotics
if something else will work.

Peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, used at the
maximum dose of twenty five (25) cc per one hundred (100)
litres, it should kill it all off (Ref Krause, 1985 is
what Untewrgasser says, then doesn't give a full cite).

This should kill it dead. It will also make a cloudy
fizzy mess of you tank. A diatom filter is handy, and
it would be best to use it beforehand as the less
organic waste in the tank the more effective the
peroxide will be - it's broken down by organics.

You can repeat the treatment in 3-4 days. You'll
need to cycle the tank again.

Sterilize the tank glass above water with peroxide,
under the light etc. Kill anything that may have any


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