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RE: [APD] Re: BGA advice

>> It's fast food aquatics.  I want the answer and I want it now.  
>> Oh, and if I have to work for it, forget it.

> wrong, completely and utterly wrong at least in my case. 
> I have worked hard to maintain my planted tank for several 
> years. I have followed advice offered to me

Rick, I agree with your sentiments. I try and try and try. I keep seeking advice, researching, and trying harder. I've improved over the years, but it's far from my personal goals. 

There are so many variables. We get good advice here. But not all aquarium environments are the same (temperature, water chemistry, types of plants, etc.) so it boils down to each of us having a unique aquarium to work with; we have to decided if the advice is right for our situation, and come up with ideas of our won. 

If I wanted fast food aquatics, I would have switched to plastic plants a long time ago.

Hang in there ...


Shireen Gonzaga/Baltimore, MD
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