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[APD] Ick

I haven't had fish with ick in probably 20 years, although
this past fall I babysat a friends fish - they had ick and
I cured it with the stuff made by Jungle labs that's available
in Wal Mart (here, anyway).

I've used the Jungle stuff since the 70's and it's the only
thing I've found that both cures ick and doesn't hurt *anything*

Just dump some in and forget it. Done.

I assume you mean Ick here (Ichthyophthirius) aka "white spot
disease" and not Ichthyophonus which is what I call "Ich";
the latter is uncurable, fatal and can only be diagnosed
with an autopsy and looks nothing like Ick.

Dieter Untergasser's book _Handbook of fish diseases_ (TFH Press)
is the best reference I've found if you want to read more, but
I'd just use the Jungle stuff.


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