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[APD] resistant Ich ?

I have been fighting Ich for a while and can't seem to get rid of it

First tank is a Walstad style 10 gal mounted in west facing window. planted
with a huge Ludwigia Reopens which grows out the top of the tank and fills
the window sill. Also contains Rotala Indica, Hygro Difformis, Crypt
Wentii, and corkscrew vals. fish are 6 Rummy-nose tetras placed in this
tank for quarantine, 2 young male plattys placed for birth control, 1 black
molly removed from a main tank because she was getting attacked by a SAE I
can't catch.

the rummy nose tetras that brought the Ich into this tank were from a
Discus tank running at 84 deg in the local store.

so far I have tried:
raising the temp to 88 deg.
added 1/2 dose coppersafe as suggested by owner of the fish store. This
killed all of the snails and caused the vals to die back to the substrate.
The Ich seemed to be reduced, but remained on a few fish. vals are growing
back now
added a quick filter as a polishing filter. this turns the little tank into
a whirlpool but the rummies seem to like the current. filters are boiled
daily to kill any trapped Ich.
after 2 weeks of this I still had Ich
I started to adding salt. 5 TBSP total (in addition to the Coppersafe which
should still be around since no water changes)
temp still at 88
another week goes by and rummies still have a few spots of Ich.
The rummies school really nice and I would love to move them to one of the
main tanks, but I need to get rid of the Ich first.
The plants are also suffering from the hot water and filtration.

I also have this Ich in another 10 gal hex quarantining 2 baby angels
acquired from the same store on the same date. The plants in this tank
include a really nice red Crypt Wentii. Angels still have a few spots on
the end of their pectoral fins. 84 deg and 5 TBSP salt in this tank for the
last week with no improvement.

How do I get rid of this Ich ?


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