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RE: [APD] easy water change suggestions

> Their actually waterbed filler/drainer attchments and you can 
> get them at Walmart for $2. 

My water pressure from my kitchen tap is not strong enough to get good
suction for vaccuuming.  It works okay for draining, but to vaccuum, I
need to hook the python to my water hose tap just out the window.  But
if I'm not careful the pressure will blow the center out of the bottom
it.  Then it is useless.

Well, anyway, long story short, after doing this once, I went to
Wal-Mart to get a waterbed drain kit.  Guess what... Wal-Marts in my
area no longer carry anything having to do with waterbeds.  No kits, not
even sheets.  If Wal-Mart, the white trash headquarters of America no
longer carries them, they may be getting hard to find.


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