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Re: [APD] easy water change suggestions

You can make an S-shaped run of tubing and put a pump on
one end and a garden hose on the other and drain 75 gallons
in about 5 minutes, with "automatic" protection against
draining too much. You'd want to size the pump to the tank,
of course. You can make one for a few bucks plus the cost
of a pump. You can see one, or get one ready made here:


That leaves the Python for just refilling. If your water
source is the tap, then somehow you have to get the water
from the tap to the tank and the Python 13B pump/fitting
(actually borrowed from the waterbed industry) is useful
because you can test the temp at the sink and it's lighter
than a garden hose. But you can skip the Python
pump/fitting and just hook the hose to the tap.

If you're refilling from a rain barrel or other water
storage container, putting the S-shape device and pump into
that and the other end in the aquarium and you can refill
75 gallons in just a few minutes.

--- Shireen Gonzaga <whimbrel at comcast_net> wrote:

> Hi all ...
> I have totally had it with my python. The tap attachment
> makes me nuts, 
> and I've gone through 3 of them in the past two years.
> As I sit here, totally drenched from the latest 
> python-attachment-gone-bad, I'm wondering, is there an
> easier way to do 
> this?!
> I'm not terribly good at building complex contraptions. I
> just want 
> something I can pull out of the closet each week to do my
> water changes 
> for 4 tanks in the living room. Does anyone have any
> set-ups using 
> water pumps, and how do you use it?
> thanks!
>     shireen
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> Shireen Gonzaga
> Baltimore, MD
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