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RE: [APD] Small diameter fish food binders?-a bit off-topic.

>--The 4 chamber 2L soda bottle thingie sounds nifty, got a pic?

Nah, it's in the barn right now as I have no fry that won't eat
tiny white worms at the moment.

Picture a sodas bottle upside down with the bottom, (now the top,
I guess) cut off. A hole the EAXCT size of airline tubing is
drilled into the screwon cap, an airline is inserted into it
and the inside of the cap is glopped up with a good amount of silicone.

Now you have to make this thing stand up. I use 3/4 pine boards;
a hole is cut in them. The top one lets the whole thing slide
in, that it, 1mm large in dia than the soda bottle. The bottom hole
lets 1" of the bottle go through it. I use 1" dowels to hold
the whole mess together by drilling 1" holes in the pine boards;
scews through the pine secure the dowels to them.

Sall hole are drilled so the airline tubing comes out at the
top and the whole sordid mess doesn't drain out.

For water I beg it from stores that throw away seawatewr when
changing tanks, or, if live adult brine is obtainable and it's
fresh I feed the shrimp, save the water and use that.

If you build it soit has 4 bottles in a square you have a very
compact hatchery. You could build one 10' long with 30
bottles if you have a LOT of mouthes to feed but 4 chambers
feeds a helluva lot of fish. One chgaber is for harvesting,
one will be ready in 12 hours, one is just started and one
perpetually needs cleaning and a reset.

The only drawback is it's noisy with that water bubbling from the
air being pumped into each chamber through the bottom. So noisy
in fact if you put it in even a spare bathroom it's grounds
for divorce in many states.


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