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[APD] RE: BGA and EM advice

> The easiest sure fire method to get rid of BGA is to add Erythromycin at
a rate of 250mg per 200 litres and wait a few days and it is completely
> cheers Neil

Actually the best long term way is to address the plant's needs over the
long term.
Then you don't have BGA, BBA, Staghorn, GW, hair and about a dozen or so
other algae species.
Blackout takes 3 days, and it also tells you quickly if the environmental
changes you made WORK or not. EM takes several weeks to see if the changes
worked, but it does not get rid of BGA forever. It does not tell you if the
environmental changes you made in the last week or so solved the long term

Addressing the root cause, something pill poppers have long overlooked nor
knew about is virtually ****never addressed***.
Nothing wrong as far as I'm concerned about EM use for BGA
killing................just make SURE you following the advice up with
usage of KNO3.

BGA appears when plant conditions are sub optimal, which is why you have
algae. Algae are indictaors of plant's health and environmental conditions. 
I've not had BGA issues for many many years............I do not use EM. No

Either way, make sure to follow up any advice on BGA with KNO3 dosing. 

Tom Barr

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