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Re: [APD] Boiling Water & Charley B.

I know that it was,  I was just playing on it.  The topic of the color of
water in a white bucket stayed around for a long time back then. It was good
history recall for me. Not many of the new people know what we are talking
about.  I have been around the list a bit, but keeping a low key due to my
name showing on the law suit of past.
I can remember the many times a Charley B. use to be taken off the list only
to come back have been given a second try or using another name, (I really
forgot how he did some of the returns) and upsetting the list Mom/Pop.
Speaking of which, Charley B. I lost your E-mail address and I need to talk
to you.  I am going overseas for a year, and I think you may have already
been there with the NG.         JiM C.

>It was just a joke, James. Sarcasm.

--- James Capelle <jcapwet at cox_net> wrote:

> I do remember those days from the past.
> I still think the effect of the different types of
> lighting for which you
> view the water in a white bucket has a lot to do with the
> color.  Even if
> it's view outdoors it would matter if it were a cloudy
> day or sunny. And
> then if the clouds were black or white might have an
> effect on it too.
> Yes it's raining out today in north central Florida.

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