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Richard wrote:

> Understood; I tried it that way and some plants took a bigger
> hit than with h202. Specifially half my hairgass is yellow now.

My Lagarosiphon madagasgarenisis took a very big hit as did Hydrilla and
Egeria najas.
No effect on Cladophora.

> It all depends on the h202 dosage. 

I did 10mls in a 10 gal tank every other day.

Obviously one drop in a tank
> is meaningless, actually beneficial. But there does appear
> to be a prptocol that won't even kill a paramecium but does
> eliminate BGA which is more sensitve to this stuff I suspect
> because they're procaryotic as other procaryotic alga are
> also killed while no eucaryotic life form is affected.

I'm sort wondering why use H2O2 and asking my self why when blackout and
KNO3 does the job, antibiotics are a moral issue for some folks, they cost
$$, folks in many places cannot get them without a prescription etc, H2O2
is available and cheap. 
Turning the lights off and adding KNO3 keeps it away long after.

The nice thing about Blackouts: you can tell if the environmental change
you made works or not................you'd have to wait 3-6 weeks or so,
perhaps longer to see if the antibiotics works.

These methods such as manual cleaning, blackouts, pruning and low impact
methods allow you to see if the environmental changes worked or not right
Wereas the other kill the algae and then plants sit in limbo for a week or
two and then the tank gets reinfected and often worse than before.

Tom Barr

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