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[APD] Elimination of blue green algae

>Richard, rather than using a general biocide (H2O2) and trying to see the
>limits of plants ability to die and the algae, why not focus on a simple
>removal and then correct the conditions that allowed the algae to appear in
>the first place?
>Getting rid of BGA algae is very easy and requires no harm to the
>plants(actually the reverse, additions of KNO3).
>Simply suck it out and do a water change or do a balckout without the
>removal + add the KNO3 back and then after.

Understood; I tried it that way and some plants took a bigger
hit than with h202. Specifially half my hairgass is yellow now.

It all depends on the h202 dosage. Obviously one drop in a tank
is meaningless, actually beneficial. But there does appear
to be a prptocol that won't even kill a paramecium but does
eliminate BGA which is more sensitve to this stuff I suspect
because they're procaryotic as other procaryotic alga are
also killed while no eucaryotic life form is affected.


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