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[APD] Elimination of blue green algae

Algae is becoming increasingly difficult for me to grow thanksto you guys
but the work here at the Bannockburn algal research institute continues.

I did a comparison of killing blue-green alage. One tank got the
three day blackout, the other tank got peroxide.

My earlier thoughts were that there is a correct dose of h202
that will simply eradidcate all procaryotic alga in one swell
foop, but for a vaeriety of reasons I don't think this is
a good idea, instead, daily dosing of a small amount of h202
does work and is less hard on plants than the blackout seemed
to be. Half my hairgrass is yellow in the blackout tank
but in the h202 test tank even paramecium were unaffected.

Neither tank is completly free of the BGA, but I only dosed
for 2 days in the h202 tank; the blackout was 3.5 days.

Utterly unrelated and definitly off topic (modulo staring
at fishtanks):



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