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Great job Carlos!!!
There are quite a few folks in Tampa as well, hopefully a central plant
group will form there as well as you folks branch out!

It does take some effort to start a club but it's not that much, finding
new folks off the web that are near you is a good way, simply asking every
so often on a list of a board also helps. If you say you have free plants
or other things, that will pull them out of lurk mode also.
You do not have to have something formal, just an email list and plant
swaps, group buys etc.
 Main benefit is really helping each grow plants and also have a good
source of plants to share with locally. 

Folks in other countries should really consider this as well!
It is perhaps the best resource for plants, methods and local supplies you
can have. 

Tom Barr

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> Subject: [APD] South Florida Aquarium Plant Society FIRST MEETING
> Hello,
> The South Florida Aquarium Plant Society is holding its first meeting @ 
> Miami Beach, Fl.  There will be plant trading going on, discussion of 
> plants, and even an aquascaping demo on a 10g. Don't miss out!
> For more information, please visit the club forum on:
> http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/forumapc/forumdisplay.php?f=30
> Thanks,
> Carlos

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