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[APD] Re: Heating water for water changes

At 08:03 AM 2/25/2005 -0500, "Laith Arif" wrote:

How exactly do metals build up in a water heater? Keep in mind that a water heater (at least mine) is constantly being flushed with new water as you use hot water. It's not like its always the same water sitting in a metal container being boiled over and over again for years. :-) In any case I have a hard time imagining a water heater slowly "dissolving" into the water it holds.

Actually it is not flushing as the hot water is drawn off the top of the tank not the bottom where the junk accumilates. Hot water rises and the cooler water falls. The incoming water is in a pipe that lets out near the bottom of the tank. They have a scrifical annode to keep them from "slowly dissolving". I also have to wonder on the effect of hot water on copper pipes since that is what my house has.

I have never "flushed" my water heater. I don't even think my water heater has a "flushing" function.

That is what the spigot near the bottom of the tank is for, I have never seen a water heater that doesn't have one. I flush mine at least once a year. We have very hard water and if they are not flushed it builds up until the heater fails.

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