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[APD] Re: All-in-One Regulators

"Are the JBJ CO2 regulator combos any good? anyone
have experience with them? I am looking to buy a
regulator/solenoid/needle valve/bubble 
counter combo unit and I want some information on
which one is best to use on a 30G planted tank.
Paul B"

I've been using the JBJ all-in-one Regulator for
several months now and have been very pleased.  I
chose it over other available ones as the pressure is
preset and that gave me one less thing to mess up.

I recently upgraded and put a dual manifold on...the
original JBJ piece was screwed in so tight that it
broke when trying to remove it.  Disappointing, but
with one call to JBJ, my problem was solved.  They
offered to ship me out another regulator immediately
provided I return the broken one within 2 weeks and
they pre-loosened the part that I had had a problem
with.  Because of their quick action and quick
shipping, my tanks had Co2 back within a few days so I
was really pleased with the company and the way they
stood behind their product.


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