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[APD] Reprints

Richard wrote:

Maybe not, it depends on the agreement signed by both parties. TFH
for example, is granted a "non-exclusive right to redistriute" copyright
which in plain English means both TFH and the author can do what they
want with it. Anything. <<

Which is an unusual contract for a hobby mag, and one of the reasons I haven't written much for TFH. I like to maintain control of my own material, especially when one looks back at some of the outrageous ways certain publishers have abused the trust of their writers in the past.

The written agreement with Aquarium Heute was, as I think I mentioned before, first European rights. This worked well for me, since I could also submit to the U.S. mags which (except for TFH) want the typical first N.A. rights.

BTW, in absence of a written agreement to other terms, the default in the U.S. is first N.A. rights, and in Europe is first European rights.

(now back to regularly scheduled plant-talk<g>)


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