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Re: [APD] Re:Erik's reply to my comments about quotes and other stuff

Sure, one can always set the options to not include the
message when replying or at least to include it as in-line
text so that it can be edited. 

Despite that, sometimes we on thelist forget to clip or
edit the message. If we are reading in digest form, on rare
occassions we forget to clip the rest of the digest when we
reply. We usually hear about that.

On probably rarer occassions, someone might not know that
deleting or editing a message would make things more
convenient for others. Perhaps it doesn't occur to all of
us automatically because not deleting is more convenient
for the sender. So these reminders that come every few
months to delete/edit message serve a continuing purpose as
new folks come onto the list.

Taglines under signatures are like bumper stickers; we
don't have to read them but, somehow, we usually do and as
often are disappointed for the small effort. It's hard to
come across as clever or insightful in the space of a

I paid to remove the advertisement add-ons my mail server
was supplying and use the space to mention info about
*nonprofit* hobby groups that I think may be of interest to
people on APD. That doesn't seem rude to me but I apologize
if it annoys anyone.

APD itself adds a tag line, and I think that's only fair
since Mark Rosenstein provides us APD entirely at his own

--- REDRAGON40 at aol_com wrote:

> . . . I am not familiar with
> outlook, but isn't there a 
> way to reply to someone without repeating the entire
> original message?   . . .
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