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RE: [APD] Microwaving water for water changes a bad thing?

>That is a strictly secondary benefit. It was discovered that chlorine 
>combines with organics in the older water pipes to form carcinogenic 
>trihalomethanes, like chloroform. Chloramine started being phased in to 
>the larger water systems with higher risk about 10 years ago, with the 
>timing dependent on the size of the system and the hazard level.

More than 10 years Wright. I heard rumors of it in the 80s in
LA and ignored them even though fish stores had dire warnings.

Then one day (around 86 or so) I changed a bit less than half
a tank of water and watched fish die, nearly instantly right 
before my eyes. I switched to store bought bottled "spring"
water for a short while till I got an RO filter and used half
RO + tap + Amquel. The RO did take it out (or so Ron Harlan
said, and I believe him) but it was too soft, so instead
of loosening up the membrane so it didn't produce as soft
water - which I probably should have done, I used half tap

>He/she should use two carbon filters in series, with a tap between and a 
>valve to assure very slow flow through the filters. Testing 

I used the Mardel (I think) chlorine/chloramine test strips. Quick,
easy, accurate. Any non-zero reading is cause for concern, no, alarm.


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