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[APD] Re:quotes, religion, etc

At the risk of getting insulted again for having an opinion, I would like to 
say something about how cluttered this list gets.  It is really tiresome to 
wade through all the repeated quoting again and again.  If you need to quote a 
question, why quote the entire message?

 Also, I don't think religion or dating has a place as an ad on APD.  At the 
end of Scheibe's message were ads for the Gospel Principles List, Plan of 
Salvation through Book of Mormon, and then  an LSD singles list.

At the end of Wright Huntley's message is a quotation from Isabel Paterson, 
whoever that is.  Why?  What does it have to do with aquatic plants?

Why was Berne Kairunas' message repeated?  Was it a mistake?
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