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Re: [APD] Re:The most simple C02 reactor yet!

David Grim wrote:

If you want an even simpler reactor and one that is probably even more
efficient that the one you describe, wedge the CO2 line into the intake
strainer of the Eheim you are using and you are done. Eheim cannisters are
some of the best reacotors you can use. They don't airlock, no maintenance
like an independent CO2 reactor needs, no powerheads to burn out and
replace, and one less ugly piece of equipment in your tank. I've been doing
this for years.


I used that method for a year or more. I found the Eheim did get some airlock. Also, it's disputable, but I came to the conclusion that feeding co2 into your filter bed was perhaps not the best idea. I read discussion on the fact that it may negatively impact the nitrifying bacteria. So, I couldn't have that nag at the back of my mind all the time. Besides this new method seems to be just as effective and the only intrusion into the tank is 2cm of tubing which is not visible. I'm convinced so far this is the best method I've come across. It even defies the good/fast/cheap law.

- Chris.
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