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[APD] Greater Detroit Aquarium Society 'Spring' Auction

Hey APD'ers,

For those of you in the Detroit area (or close to) who havent heard 
yet, just wanted to remind everyone that March 5th 2005  (one week from 
this saturday) is the annual Spring auction for the Greater Detroit 
Aquarium Society.  There has been -at least at the last several 
auctions i've worked- a fairly nice selection of plants brought for 
sale.  Otherwise you can expect to see lots of fish and a reasonable 
selection of dry goods (tanks, magazine subscriptions, equip, etc).  
Spring auctions typically see between 600-800 items sold total.

Everyone is welcome to attend for buying or selling items, membership 
to the club is not required.  There is no admission fee.

The auction will be located at The Good Shepherd Luthern Church (on 
Campbell rd, between 11 and 12 mile in Royal Oak, MI) in the basement 
where we normally have our meetings. Please use the north entrance by 
the parking lot.  The auction starts at 11am prompt, if you'd like to 
sell anything - registration is from 9:30 to 11am.

Please see our website http://www.greaterdetroitaquariumsociety.com and 
go to the auctions page for more information - directions, maps, rules, 
regulations, disclaimers, etc.

Hope to see some of you there - i'll probably be up at the front table 
most of the day filling out forms. If you do make it out, ask anyone 
wearing a staff badge where Berne is and i'll try to have a few mins to 
say hello!

-Berne Kairunas
Aquatic Plant Specialist
Choice Aquariums Sales Team

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