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[APD] Water changes and temperature matching

What I have done is bought four 5 gallon water bottles and four submersible heaters. Put one in each bottle and plug them in for a few hours before I do a water change. I put chlorine remover and a table spoon of aquarium salt in each bottle before filling it. Three of them I fill at a Glacier water vending machine which RO filters and double UV treats the water which is zero hardness and 6.0 PH. The other I fill with tap water which in Phoenix, AZ is 20+ GH and 8 PH This keeps the tank around 10 GH and 7.4 PH
I didn't need the heaters until this winter, until the weather cooled off. Normally I have to fill the bottles a few days ahead, let them set until they come down to room temperature which is about 78 in the summer. Water comes out of the tap at 90+ F. in the summer.. If they are too cool I could put them out in the sun for a little while. I use a thermometer on fishing line so I can drop it in the bottle for a few minutes to measure the temperature.
I just got back into having tanks again last spring when I bought a 44 gallon tall corner tank in a clearance sale. I currently have two black marble angels, some long fin blue dannios, some julie cory's, a candy strip plecostomus, an algae eater and a black mystery snail.
I'm slowly working making it a planted tank, it has a couple misc. sword plants, floating Egeria Densa, what I think we (pet shop in the same shopping center I work at) have identified as a Needle Leaf Lud (Ludwigia arcuata) which I bought at Petco as a miscellaneous potted plant. I need more lighting but the hood takes a weird sized 18 3/4"x 4 1/16 light strip which no one seems to have. The hood has two windows for it, but only came with one strip. 20" strips are too wide and won't fit in the front between the original light and the feeding door or won't clear the penguin 330 filter if put in the back position.. I'm trying to see if Petco where I got the tank can order me one.
I also have a 10 gallon which has the 5 remaining seprae tetras and one blood fin tetra which I used to start the 44 and then found they were a bit too aggressive for a community tank. It also has an algae eater and the two apple snails which got moved out of the 44 after they made short work of the first sword plant I put in it..
I have a 2 1/2 gallon tank I use as an isolation tank that has a couple of guppies and a rams horn snail in it. Occasionally one of the tetras ends up in it after it's fins get all tore up. I have found if one is a bit weak the others will pick on it until they kill it..

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