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[APD] The most simple C02 reactor yet!

Simplest reactor yet.

I was using a powerhead, as you might have seen me post earlier this week. I was using around around a bubble every 3 seconds or so. I was reading online about diffusors and reactors and came across one post on the Krib. See:

Power CO2 reactor (DIY)
by "G. G. Rajendra Kumar" <ggrk/blr.vsnl.net.in>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998

I thought, why use a powerhead at all? I already have a spraybar coming off the Eheim, so why not just cap the end and tap into it. So I did just that. I found a 5ml test tube cap and it fits perfectly on the end of the spraybar. The Eheim originally came with one, but I or my cat misplaced it long ago. Opposite to the holes running along the bar (bottom) I drilled a hole (top) and pushed in the C02 airline directly. It took took maybe 10 minutes to complete and that included locating a suitable spraybar end cap and a drill bit.

It's extremely efficent and I'm going to have to build a bubble counter. The C02 stretches along the top of the bar and burps every now and again but I'm trying cut it back. Again, I need a better needle valve for control. In the 20 minutes I was playing with adjustment, pH dropped 0.1. If I'm not mistaken, that's a fairly high infusion rate for a 65Gal tank.

I need to build an inline counter pronto. I've seen online directions before, but misplaced them. Links anyone?

- Chris.
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