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[APD] Raleigh Aquarium Society Annual Workshop 2005 - Feb 25-27

Thought it might be a good idea to put this on the list in case anyone near enough was on the list and didn't allready know about it.

For anyone that is within dring distance of NC, the Raleigh Aquarium
Society will have its annual workshop and giant aquarium auction
this coming weekend.  Check out our website at:

Hope to see some of ya'll there.

Gonna be a small plant only auction Saturday and a big everything auction Sunday with good presentations about many things including plants Saturday. Also a local aquatic life tour Friday to search for local creatures and plants.

Should be fun, it will be the first such event I've ever been to and I'm looking forward to it. I've definately been saving some money and tank room for new fish and plants from the auction.


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