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[APD] Re: SS Mesh Source


Last month, I bought a square of Glosso and discovered that the plants were
growing through a fine meshed stainless steel grid.

I've searched the web, but all of the sources I can find are from China and
they only sell full rolls ($$$).

Does anyone have any idea where in North America I might find this stuff.

James Purchase

Hi James,
I cannot help you with a mesh source, but that is the very first time I have
heard of gloss grown that way. Interesting. In the US it is sold in rock
wool pots when available commercially, usually from FAN (Florida Aquatic

I can tell you that if your tank will support it, you don't need to grow it
using mesh or anything else besides the tank substrate. You can plant small
clumps and it will spread, or you can also cut off individual plants, as
they grow in small two leaf plants separated by the runner stem, but they
always root at the leaf node. Cut the runner stem off and plant the single
plant. Tedious, but it works as well as the clump planting method.

The more intense your lighting, the lower to the substrate it will stay. It
grows taller as the shade level increases or light intensity decreases.

Pruning this stuff is kinda hard, as when you pull up plants you can pull it
all up because the roots can intertwine and you can have glosso growing on

What I do is use a small serrated steak knife and cut vertically thru the
glosso roots like you were cutting a pan of brownies. After that, you can
pull up chunks of the stuff without disturbing other sections. The remaining
parts will fill in the now vacant sections.


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