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Re: [APD] RE: CO2 reactors and needle valves

Thomas Barr wrote:

What's the link? I searched around your site, but it insisted I subscribe to view search results. Thanks but no thanks.

I'll have Greg look into it, they __were viewable__. Seems like the images were moved recently and then not made public after that. Sorry about that but thanks for making me aware of it.

It will be/is being changed asap.

I'll email you the pics directly later if it's not cleared up by tonight if you wish.
The info on that is free and public record and I have no issues about sending the images.
Anyone is welcomed to use the design.

Okay. No rush.

Also, reading back on that previous text, I didn't mean to come off as a pratt with the "Thanks but no thanks" bit. I"ve got a streak of Scottish pride that runs through me when it comes to money. I'm the type who will only pay out when it's the last possible avenue, and then make small pained sounds when doing it.

- Chris.
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