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[APD] Marine carbon source

To begin with, I'm interested in setting up a seagrass tank.  I realize this isnt the best forum for a marine plant but its pretty much all I've got at present.  The folks at reefcentral.com dont seem to be very specific about light requirements, nutrient requirements, etc.  I thought I would try here, thinking all the experts in freshwater plants might have some ideas for saltwater. 

After a lot of consideration and research so far I've chosen to try out two species - Zostera marina (eelgrass), a temperate species and Syringodium filiforme (manatee grass), a more tropical species.  These are very similar to Vallisneria species and differ mainly in their salinity tolerances and geographic distribution.  It seems in their natural habitat they are quite severely limited by both light and CO2.  Light requirements for these two species has been noted as a minimum of 18-30% of the available surface light.  In the marine environment light attenuation seems to be a major problem as the light gets absorbed by phytoplankton, dissolved organic compounds, etc.  Does anyone have an idea of how to convert this to a needed light intensity measurement - or even a wpg guess?  The measurements for surface light intensity aren't apparently given in the academic papers I'm seeing published.  

Also, as far as CO2, apparently if enrichment is provided the light requirements in seagrass decreases.. potentially lowering the amount of light needed on a seagrass tank (that is, if I can establish normal light level req's at all).  However, normal means of supplementation wont be desirable in this tank since the CO2 levels will drop the pH and cause some swings during day/night periods.  Considering the long term planned inhabitants, this wont likely be tolerated.  Also, dissolved gas levels in the aquarium need to remain low enough to discourage gas bubble disease (GBD), which these fish are susceptible too.  I was considering using Flourish Excel as a carbon source.  Has anyone used this in a marine environment before?  Any ideas on interactions?

I really appreciate any help and ideas!  Thanks!
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