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Re: [APD] Re:Aquarium Today

At 09:56 AM 2/20/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>At 09:01 2/20/2005, Karen R wrote:
>>After that, Kaspar decided there was not enough interest in the English
>>version, and he stopped publishing it that way.  I tried a number of times
>>to change his mind, but was unsuccessful :-(  Aquarium Heute continued to be
>>published in German up through at least 2000.
>Karen, do you think if we asked for reprint permission for an English 
>translation of the whole megilla he would grant it?   Do you think there 
>would be an adequate market if we did the project? 

Hell, even if we have to type/scan it in and pay a license fee it's still
worth it. Especially if they are sold out of back issues and if this is
indeed true there it no reason to enforce the copyright.


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