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[APD] Aquarium Today

Richard Wrote:

I just found in mybookcase maagzines I had forgotten existed:
"Today's Aquarium - Aquarium Heute" published by the Dupla
folks. What a goldmine of information.

It loos like I have:

1985: 1, 2
1986: 1, 2, 3, 4
1987: 1, 2.

Whatever happened to this magazine? Does anybody
know what issued were published?

I have the whole set in English... It ran from 1/85 through 4/88, 4 issues a year. There were also nice binders available for them, and the whole collection fits in two. You are right, there is a wealth of information in the magazines that is still useful this many years later. I still refer to them from time to time. If anyone ever gets the opportunity to pick up a set, or even just a few, they should jump at the opportunity!!!

After that, Kaspar decided there was not enough interest in the English version, and he stopped publishing it that way. I tried a number of times to change his mind, but was unsuccessful :-( Aquarium Heute continued to be published in German up through at least 2000. (I wrote a few articles for them) Around that time, Kaspar sold the company. I don't know whether it is still being published... if it is, I have been dropped from the mailing list. I talked to Kaspar last 2 years ago, and he was very much enjoying retirement, though still keeping pretty busy.

Even the German edition was pretty useful with the advent of OCR and the translation engines available on the internet. I miss it.


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