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[APD] Pseudo AH Supply Reflector

I now have the light fixture completed. Below are three more pictures of the final product, on my 29 gallon tank, on the stand I built, but the stand still needs to be finished. I used Luan Door Skins, from Home Depot for the outer surface of both the stand and canopy. The canopy is made of 1/4" hardboard, with a layer of the Luan glued on, and the stand is made of 2 X 3's with the Luan on the outer surfaces. This is really cheap "mahogany", but it looks good either stained or just clear coated, which I am doing.


You can see from the pictures that I was only barely successful at gluing the aluminized mylar to the reflector - lots of wrinkles. But, I still get a pretty good reflection, which does increase the light entering the tank, and spreads it out over most of the tank water surface. I used cheap T8 bulbs, with a three light electronic ballast. And, the cover glass, which is acrylic, is attached to the bottom of the light fixture, so the tank is completely open with the light raised up.
Now, I have to wait 6 months until we move to another house, before I can continue to set up the planted aquarium. Fortunately, at my age, time goes pretty fast.

Here is another progress photo of my pseudo-AH reflector setup. The next step is to epoxy on the mylar solar blanket.

On Thursday, February 10, 2005, at 02:59 PM, Vaughn Hopkins wrote:

I just uploaded a couple of photos of my reflector as it sits now. They are at:

I will add to these as I make more progress.

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