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[APD] Today's Aquarium magazine

I just found in mybookcase maagzines I had forgotten existed:
"Today's Aquarium - Aquarium Heute" published by the Dupla
folks. What a goldmine of information.

It loos like I have:

1985: 1, 2
1986: 1, 2, 3, 4
1987: 1, 2.

The price tag still on one says "Aquarium Toronto, $4.99"

One isssue for example has a profile of Guenther Sterba
("Freshwater Fishes of the World" author) and a report
on Kasper Horst's visit to the then young (I think)
Tropica facility with a picture of a much younger :-)
Holger Windelov.

For all you perverts out there it's worth getting
juyst for the picture of the Danish blond beauty
in jeans trimming plants.

Whatever happened to this magazine? Does anybody
know what issued were published?


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